MentorMob the most popular content curation site has introduced yet another innovation called “MentorMob U,” an affordable educational service designed for educators and institutions, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, homeschoolers and tutors. It looks pretty rad.

MentorMob is already popular for offering “Learning Playlists” which helps to find you the exact information you were looking for on the web because we know that for every free great article or video on the Internet there are 100,000 terrible ones. We don’t always find exact response to what we are looking for.

The Startup aims to take all good links and puts them into a playlist for you. These playlists can consist of YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, websites, blogs, forums, pictures and so on. So basically, Playlist is a  curate collection of information that is a lesson plan around a single topic. The site offers these playlists into 12 subject categories ranging from technology to art.

It also lets you create, “Learning Playlists” for free. You can login with a new id or use your Facebook Login.

The company has now begun to focus more heavily on supporting actual teachers with its new product MentorMob U.

It is an inexpensive service for educational institutions that gives teachers and administrators added features like privacy settings, engagement analytics, and tools for Student assessment.

The MentorMob Team also attended the ISTE 2012, International Society for Technology in Education, one of the biggest Annual Conferences held for Educators and ed tech leaders from all over the world to get fresh new ideas and to share creative thinking- in San Diego last Month.

The Company received tremendous response for MentorMob U from the tech savvy teachers who attended this Conference.

Like MentorMob’s free online community that curates online instructional content for anyone to learn any topic, MentorMob U – the private-label, Software-as-a-Service - delivers a Learning Playlist-based user interface that enables students to learn at their own pace through step-by-step instruction and collaboration tools to enable content growth and improvement. In addition to the free version, MentorMob U offers instructors and institutions new capabilities, including a branded, hosted site, enrollment tools and analytics to gauge learning success.

With the entry of coolest new gadgets in the classrooms like the Apple ipads and e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle, it’s not just the students but educators as well who have to keep pace with the latest technologies. MentorMob’s playlists is one of the most user-friendly ways to do so.  Educators gain lot of knowledge from browsing thousands of Playlists for learning to operate these gadgets or finding cool education-relevant apps or articles for the Students.

MentorMob U, the Company’s new disruptive innovation goes a step further in assisting educators to impart the best education and nurture a Student. The tool helps them to create and manage their own courses and programs of study, to view analytics to gauge Student’s progress, to tailor learning content to specific users, or specific departments, and create quizzes and tests to assess student’s development.

"Online access and collaboration capabilities are completely changing the way we learn," said Vince Leung, co-founder of MentorMob. "MentorMob U lets educators harness the power of multimedia learning tools and engage students through their own private, branded site, which also has an administrative side to manage the learning experience."

On the administrative side, the service also includes enrollment tools, permission settings to manage privacy and content rights, and analytics.

Explaining about the additional features in MentorMob U, Leung says, “People have been asking for a white label service with privacy features,” he said. “Specifically for teachers, we’ve been working with them and they have been giving the team feedback on features that they would want, including additional privacy, point and click methods for organizing students and playlists, along with analytics to view student engagement.”

Leung also explains why MentorMob is inexpensive compared to other education products like Apple iTunes U. For starters, the service is offered on all devices which means that users don’t have to be using any specific kind of hardware (which is expensive in Apple’s case), and doesn’t limit institutions down to a specific content library or media ecosystem. “We allow not only one teacher to create content, but collaboration for multiple teachers, students and others to create content. We support virtually any digital media content,” Leung informs.

The site also offers a Trial version for this tool which is for free for first three months.

MentorMob Team aims to bring together and work with all the educators, mentors, enthusiasts and lifelong learners to build a strong foundation for learning online that has endless possibilities. The Startup wants to get people to get addicted to learning again and they’re on the right track.

Mentormob has won its fair share of awards in the recent past. The company won the 2011 CityLIGHTS New Concept Award from the Illinois Technology Association, the Startup was the winner of the Mozilla/HASTAC DML Competition in San Francisco held in March and earned a nomination for the 2011 Chicago Innovation Awards.

“We would like Mentormob to be revolutionary, not just evolutionary,” says Leung.

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