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Law Enforcement on the Beat of Technology

Law enforcement officers are doing an amazing job at keeping you safe with the help of latest technology
 Police officers are staying ahead by using latest techn..

Written By: John McMalcolm

Advancement in technology is changing the way law enforcement organizations are operating.

As technology becomes more powerful and affordable, more and more hi-tech devices are being developed and used for law enforcement purposes. These devices can help law enforcement officers resolve dangerous situations, locate and arrest suspects, gather evidence, solve crimes and protect themselves more effectively.

Here are some of the latest devices that are being used by law enforcement officers to fight crime.

Robotic Camera

In a situation where police officers are unable to get a clear view of an active crime scene, a robotic camera can provide valuable information. This type of camera is powered by an electric motor, and it can be controlled wirelessly. It comes with special wheels that enable it to move quietly over many different kinds of terrain, and it can climb up certain surfaces as well.

The robotic camera is especially useful for checking multi-story buildings and detecting bombs.

Gunshot Detection System

A gunshot may or may not result in injury or death, but it is still a sign that someone may be in danger.

Since a large percentage of gunshots go unreported or are reported late, it can be difficult for police officers to find and arrest the shooters.

The gunshot detection system consists of electronic sensors that are strategically placed in various locations within a neighborhood to detect gunshots. It can help police officers determine the exact locations of gunshots, enabling them to get to the scenes quickly.


iPads do not only make life easier for ordinary people; they can also make police work more efficient.

Police officers can use these devices to take notes, record statements from suspects and witnesses, file accident or crime reports, access state crime database and write speeding tickets.

Since iPads can be easily carried around, they enable police officers to perform almost all their tasks without returning to their stations. This allows them to spend more time on the streets to protect their communities.

Vehicle Pursuit Darts with GPS

High-speed vehicle pursuits can result in traffic commotions and endanger the lives of civilians and police officers. One safe and effective way to keep track of the location of a fleeing vehicle is to use GPS-equipped vehicle pursuit darts.

These darts are launched from a compressed air-powered mechanism that is installed in the grille of a police vehicle. Once one of these darts is attached to the suspect's vehicle, police officers can track the vehicle without pursuing it.

Mobile Fingerprint Scanner

A mobile fingerprint scanner enables police officers to find out the real identity and criminal history of a suspect in less than one minute.

After scanning the fingerprint of a suspect, this handheld device will look for matches in crime databases through a computer in the police vehicle. If a match is found, it will give an alert. The information provided by a mobile fingerprint scanner can help police officers take the appropriate actions when dealing with different kinds of criminals.

Technology can truly make the world a safer place.

With these advanced devices, law enforcement officers can solve crimes more effectively and offer better protection for innocent civilians.

About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes reviews on many different kinds of products, ranging from law enforcement gadgets to strollers.



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