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Branded Screen Sharing made Ridiculously Easy By Yuuguu

Customised web meetings maximise branding investment and keep participants on the host's website
 Anish Kapoor, CEO,Yuuguu.

In 2009, Yuuguu, a relatively new Company then, created a big stir in the tech world by launching a Screensharing app for Skype users. The new edition was all about making it really easy for Skype users to instantly screenshare and collaborate in real time with anyone, on any major IM network, including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and ICQ, not just Skype, all from one client.

It allowed Skype users to instantly screenshare and collaborate in real time with any of the contacts on any IM network with one click without requiring them to download or install. We also adds the capability for Skype users to easily host web conferences.

“As a company, we all wanted to work from home, rather than all sit in an office. What we found was that it was very difficult to recreate the ad-hoc interactions that happen naturally when you’re all sitting together — things like tapping your neighbor on the shoulder and asking for help, then huddling around your screen to work something out together. It was this that we set out to recreate over the web. Our vision is to make working together remotely as easy as working side-by-side,” said Anish Kapoor, CEO of Yuuguu back then.

Earlier this month, Yuuguu once again made a first of its kind announcement, focusing on brands. The Company launched a new branded screen sharing for Sales individuals, marketers, bloggers and Remote support technicians.

Yuuguu ‘s new service will enable quick and easy creation of branded screen sharing log-in pages, which can be embedded and hosted on a meeting host’s website, blog or intranet.

By embedding Yuuguu into a website, meeting hosts can ensure that viewers see the host’s own brand and marketing messages rather than be sent to a screen sharing vendor’s website to start the meeting.

Acoording to the Company, Yuuguu’s embed code enables users to customise the screen sharing experience with logos, styles and backgrounds.

 “Companies make large investments in branding and marketing and this is sometimes wasted before and after online meetings. While many screen sharing and web conferencing vendors host online meetings on their own websites,  we are giving our customers the ability to push marketing and sales campaigns at every opportunity,” says Anish.

For companies with multiple brands or departments, different skins can be created to promote specific marketing messages.

This controlled environment is useful for regular or ad-hoc users, supporting outbound sales calls, training or inbound support queries. Customised screen sharing benefits a wide range of hosts including:

  • Sales people  can drive prospects directly to a branded meeting page. The page can provide the key messages a sales person needs to support sales, a product’s USPs, or even a personal message for a prospect.
  • Marketers – launch webinars directly from a company’s own web site, giving marketers the ability to reinforce campaign messages before a meeting starts, and steer participants to particular landing pages on completion of the session.
  • Bloggers – increase blog traffic by running live discussion and debate sessions using embedded screen sharing and Yuuguu’s free audio conferencing service. At the end of the session return attendees to another page on a blog to encourage more engagement.
  • Remote support technicians – create a page which tells customers how to get support, in language that is easy to understand. Customers can start the support session direct from that page.

Branded embedded Yuuguu is available to all customers at no additional cost.

For more information or a free trial, visit: http://www.yuuguu.com/features/create-yuuguu-widgetor view http://www.yuuguu.com/blog/?p=5436to learn how to embed and customise a screen sharing log in page.

The Copmany also added a range of useful features in the major update recently providing high quality screen sharing necessary for designers, architects drawings. The app is available for screen sharing with up to 30 participants.

“Our customers want a better experience for the viewer, so we have focused on improving quality and speed and increasingly accessibility. The clarity and resolution of Yuuguu shared screens is especially important in presentations where a product is sold on looks. As well as quality, we’ve worked to banish lag and provide the same level of clarity, detail and speed of presentation to viewers using a PC, Mac, Linux computer, iPad or iPhone,” said Anish.

We give a thumbs up to the app which is emerging as the best solution for flexible working in collaboration and web conferencing space.

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