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Drync Recognizes Wine Labels and Lets You Buy Instantly

The new app scans the wine label and lets you buy it.
 Drync Recognizes your wine label and lets you buy it.

Drync, the newly launched iOS app is godsend for wine lovers. The app lets you take a photo of a bottle of wine you’re having, scan wine labels or ads and then purchase it instantly.

If there is no label, you can search and enter text or browse through curated wine lists.

The app searches a library of over 1.7 million wine labels to figure out which one you’re pointing your iPhone at (be it an actual wine label or photo of one). Once the wine is recognized, the app displays information on the wine and allows you to buy it via instant checkout. Currently only 30,000 wines in its database can be purchased through the app.

"It's nearly impossible to find a specific wine at the liquor store after you initially experience it," Brad Rosen, the founder and CEO of Drync, told Mashable.

The social side of the app lists ratings and recommendations from wine experts. You can also share “wine activity” on Facebook and Twitter, and create your own ratings for wines, and share them; or keep your ratings private.

The Boston-based wine startup, raised $900,000 in funding.

The global wine market is a $164 billion a year industry, and online shopping is preferred over the brick and mortar wine shopping.

"It occurred to me that capturing your wine life via your phone was a killer app for people like me who enjoyed wine and were interested in learning more," said Rosen. He thought about the idea while traveling in Tuscany with his wife and friends. "It seemed clear that being able to buy a wine that you are drinking in that moment also solved a real pain point for consumers," he said.

Drync remained a night and weekend project for more than three years until Rosen managed to raise angel funding in August 2012.

Drync will have “personalized and social recommendations” in the near future.

"You should be buying based on your personal taste," said Rosen. "Obviously if you taste a wine and like it, you should be able to buy it again, easily. Imagine if Drync knew your wine palate based on what you had scanned, bought, and shared in the past, and helped you in picking new wines?"

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