Tooth brush with a water fountain!

The new dental cleaning device is worth buying
 Rinser Toothbrush.

Classic or Electric way, Brushing your teeth is a boring activity at the end of the day.

Despite this fact, every couple of months it there are strange “innovations” in toothbrush designs. Most of these seem completely unnecessary, like little rubber nibs that massage your gums as you brush. But a latest introduction to this gadget will certainly add a bit of fun to your daily activity and will urge you to rush out and buy a new one right away. It’s called the Brush & Rinse toothbrush. It’s genius, yet so simple, that you would think why no one thought of it before. The new brush has a fountain built in which reduces the extra step of sticking your mouth in the faucet stream to suck up some water to rinse.

When you hold the canal in the brush’s handle under the water, it shoots up the water like water from a drinking fountain. No wonder, it’s called the “Power Fountain.”

The Rinser by a company called Amron retails for $22 (that includes the pre-order and discount going on now).

What’s interesting is that each brush comes with one replacement head so you won’t have to replace it too often — replaceable brush heads let you hang on to the handle for as long as possible.

The orders are not delivered until November.

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