Logitech Cube- Presenter and Mouse in One

Logitech cube- A multi-functional mouse is all set to get showcased at 2012 International CES
 Logitech Cube 2

Written By: David Novak, The GadgetGUY

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Logitech is releasing a new mouse called the Logitech Cube. The device looks like a small box and fits in the palm of your hand. What makes it unique is that the top side of it is a touch sensitive panel. When picking up the Cube it jumps in to presentation mode and allows you to control a presentation from the palm of your hand.

Essentially, it's  a wireless mouse / presenter hybrid in the same small package.  As a mouse, the Cube scrolls via swipe gestures across the main panel via the company's Flow Scroll software with performance similar to scrolling on your touchscreen smartphone of choice. To engage presenter mode, all you'll have to do is pick the device up off your desk and the switch is made for you. The pocket-sized accessory connects to your PC using a diminutive Logitech Unifying receiver with 2.4GHz connectivity.

While in presentation mode the touch sensitive panel can be used to jump forward and backwards between frames. To do that it requires you flip it upside-down when going backwards and flip it back the other way to go forwards between slides. Logitech is also making a plugin available that allows for smoother scrolling.

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The device is powered by a Li-Ion battery. To charge it you can connect it to any powered USB port meaning that it can be charged from a laptop for example. Next to the USB port it also has a physical power switch to shut it down while transporting.

Logitech Cube comes with a WiFi USB dongle that allows it to work up to 25 meters away which is generally more than enough for a presentation.

Price wise, it costs $69.99 and is available for pre-order now.  It is available in black, white and lament colors.



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