5 Things a Tablet Computer Does Better Than a Laptop

Laptops take the top spot when it comes to professional work but tablets have their own benefits, at times offerinf better functionalities
 Tablets usage rising aong tech nerds.

Written By: Elouise Marcum

If you’re still debating whether a tablet computer will be useful in your life, there are several things you can consider in your decision. First, understand tablet computers are not meant to replace laptops. Rather, they are meant to fulfill different functions. Because of their extreme portability, they offer a host of elements that laptops do not. Here are five specific things a tablet computer does better than your current laptop.

Entertains You for Hours — Anywhere!

Because they are designed to be lightweight and easily carried around, they automatically “follow” you into more parts of your life than the average laptop can. It’s easy to grab the tablet on the way to the car or throw it in your purse or carry-on without worrying about cumbersome cases, wires and chargers. Not only do tablets feature effortless portability, they also tout exceptionally long battery life in comparison to the average laptop. You can often get nearly a full day’s use (over eight hours) of battery life out of a tablet versus the often shorter battery span of a typical laptop. You can count on the tablet if your goal is to watch tv online for hours while traveling or stream several movies on a leisurely weekend evening. Knowing your viewing won’t be interrupted by the dreaded dead battery is enticing.

Extended Productivity

In many ways, a tablet computer can help you extend your productivity. Creating a kind of “hybrid” space between your office and home, tablets help you efficiently handle basic tasks like managing schedules and checking emails. For example, you could keep your tablet open to your email so you have a constant view of what’s going on with your account. You can keep the tablet “tuned” into your email or calendar while traveling between offices or work and home, and you can do it with the benefit of a = larger screen than a smartphone has. This extended productivity is especially attractive while you are traveling or working away from your regular office. If you are on vacation, using a tablet for basic computing can be quicker than setting up your laptop every few hours by the pool or beach.

Helps You Tune In or Zone Out at Meetings

Work meetings seem to be dreadfully boring or they demand careful focus to take detailed notes. A quality tablet can help you on both these fronts. If your meeting is about productivity, a tablet can help you make recordings, take notes and do quick Web research. It also provides a screen through which you can easily share and “pass around” images for a brainstorming session. If you’d rather not give the meeting your full attention, you can surreptitiously play solitaire or a certain game involving mad flying creatures on a tablet than on a laptop or phone.

Provides an Endless Library

Another key feature of tablet computers, absent from laptops, is their doubling as quality e-readers. Student can “carry” more books around by downloading textbooks directly onto their tablet and using it for reading and reference. A tablet can be more “book-like” than a laptop computer, due to the dual design features of portability and e-reader software. Tablet computers are also ideal for reading digital books that are heavily illustrated. Due to their higher screen quality compared to laptops, tablets offer an enhanced user experience of books like comic books and illustrated children’s books. 

“Babysits” the Kids

While obviously no replacement for a real babysitter, tablets can actually be helpful tools for parents who are in the same room with their children. When it’s time for the parent to focus on some work, they can hand over the tablet to the kids. Ideally, the tablet can be used to provide some educational entertainment for the kids, such as age-appropriate videos and games designed to enhance cognitive skills. Child-friendly games are available for all tablets including everything from classic video games to foreign language-learning applications.

About the Author: Elouise Marcum is a professional technology blogger who reviews gadgets and entertainment websites.

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