A 3D printer Makes Burritos!

East Coast is going to witness arguably the tastiest invention.
 Robot will prepare a Burrito for you.

Remember your University days back when you wrote your thesis? About politics or some junk? Did you ever think of “build a freaking burrito robot” major?

This guy at NYU did just that. He created a machine that prints burritos. It’s a 3D printer that'll create a burrito to your liking.

It’s called BurritoB0t.


Yeah right that was my initial reaction as well.

The system lets you use your iPhone to order different condiments and toppings. Sliders control the amount of salsa, guacamole, and crema. It uses a Thing-o-matic and is currently in beta form according to Techcrunch.

So it’s more of a Robot functioning on an App than a Printer because the BurritoB0t doesn't actually print out the burrito. (Although there are 3D printers that can print out food.) The BurritoB0t has nozzles for different types of condiments that can be laid down on the snack. When customers order their burritos through the BurritoB0t app, they can choose how much of each of the sauces they want on their wrap.

Its creator, Marko Manriquez, is a student at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and this is part of his Master’s Thesis for NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. "I made my little bot as a means of exploring my two passions," Manriquez says. "Digital fabrications and good food." He will put the project to the test in New York City this summer with a number of public demos.

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